Minister accuses striking lawyers of "ties with tycoons"

Justice Minister Nikola Selaković called on attorneys on Wednesday to go back to work "as there are no professional reasons" to continue their strike.

Source: Tanjug

Selaković noted that during negotiations with members of the Bar Association of Serbia, the justice ministry proposed a solution for the issue of lump sum taxation and changes to the notary public law so that they do not have the exclusive right to attest contracts.

However, the managing board of the Bar Association of Serbia refused the proposal two days ago, and decided to continue the strike, Selaković said.

The Bar Association is actually requesting the abolition of the notary public service that exists in all European countries, which is unacceptable, Selaković said in a live broadcast on the Belgrade-based TV Pink.

He underscored that many attorneys are willing to accept the ministry's proposal and go back to work, but they are being faced with the threat that if they stop striking they will be kicked out of the Bar Association.

“Now, when there are no professional reasons for the strike, it has become clear that this is actually about the interest and links between political schemers and tycoons,” the minister underlined.

Selaković said that the entire justice system is blocked due to this strike, and noted that it is taking its toll on citizens, and postponing important court proceedings.

“It is clearly someone's objective that Miroslav Mišković is not convicted, and to destabilize the entire state,” the justice minister concluded.

He noted that the chairman of the Bar Association of Serbia was arrested in 1999 for giving and taking bribe, and that today he is one of the defense attorneys in the case against Mišković while the chairman of the Bar Association of Vojvodina is an advisor to Chairman of Vojvodina's Executive Council Bojan Pajtić.

“In Serbia, someone thinks that he is out of reach, that he does not have to obey the law, that he can take RSD 10-20 billion from the state, and go unpunished,” Selaković said, adding that “this cannot go unpunished”.

He said that the state will not tolerate anyone's blackmail, and will take measures so as to avoid chaos and ensure the respect of the constitutional right to work for all willing to work.


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