Prosecution appeals decision on Delta Holding owner

The Organize Crime Prosecution has appealed against the decision to reinstate the right to travel abroad to Miroslav Mišković and his son Marko Mišković.

Source: B92, Tanjug

The decision was made by the Special Department of the Higher Court in Belgrade.

Judge Vladimir Vučinić ordered their passports returned to the Delta Holding owner and his son, who are currently on trial in a corruption case, and also lifted a ban preventing them from leaving the country.

However, the prosecution believes that the circumstances present when these measures were first introduced by the court still exist, and that the decision to cancel them now was baseless.

Organized Crime Proscutor Miljko Radisavljević added in a statement that the Belgrade Court of Appeals will rule in this case.

Meanwhile, disciplinary procedures will continue on Tuesday before the High Judicial Council against Judge Vučinić, after a complaint filed by the president of the Higher Court.

This judge, who previously on one occasion ordered a temporary lift of the travel ban imposed on Mišković, is under scrutiny of the Council because of the comments he made for the media concerning the case against Mišković.

The Delta Holding owner, his son, Nibens Group owner Milo Đurašković, and eight others stand accused of financial fraud involving road maintenance companies that the prosecution believes incurred losses of more than RSD 17 billion to the state, and to the companies in question.

Due to the ongoing strike of lawyers, the trial that was to resume on Monday has once again been postponed, this time for November 17.


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