Former minister testifies in corruption probe

Former Economy Minister Mlađan Dinkić testified on Monday for almost four hours in the investigation against the Galenika corruption case suspects.

Source: Tanjug

The group is accused of causing damages to the state-owned pharmaceutical company worth EUR 75 million.

Dinkić gave his testimony as a witness before the Organized Crime Prosecution. He did not wish to make any statements for the media afterwards.

The investigation is conducted against former Director General of Galenika Nenad Ognjenović, former Chairman of the Board of Galenika an Director of the SPS party Dejan Backovića and seven other suspects, accused of making illegal financial gains to benefit Velefram and related companies.

In late July SPS leader and Serbia's Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić, and high official of the party Branko Ružić, also testified in this investigation.

The third probe launched in the Galenika case in May included seven people beside Ognjenović and Backović.

A trial is expected to start soon as part of the first criminal case against Ognjanovića and nine other defendants, while the investigation in the second case is nearly finished.

The total amount of the financial damage done to the company in all cases reaches EUR 100 million, the prosecution believes.


Remains of Albanians transported from Rudnica

The bodies of 16 ethnic Albanians from Kosovo, found at Rudnica, were transported on Friday to the Merdare administrative crossing to be handed over to EULEX.

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