Remains of Albanians transported from Rudnica

The bodies of 16 ethnic Albanians from Kosovo, found at Rudnica, were transported on Friday to the Merdare administrative crossing to be handed over to EULEX.

Source: Tanjug

"This is the final stage of the works conducted at the site for more than a year, at the instruction of Serbia's War Crimes Prosecutor's Office,” chairman of the Serbian government's Commission on Missing Persons Veljko Odalović said.

Another 24 human remains recovered at the site have been identified and will soon be prepared for the handover at the administrative crossing, in line with the procedure, he added.

Odalović underlined that great efforts, as well as material and human resources were employed, and that Serbia invested substantial funds in resolving this humanitarian issue.

In this way Serbia has proved to be a responsible state, he stressed.

"Families have the right to know what happened to their loved ones and who is responsible for the crimes. Nothing will be omitted. Everything was done in a transparent and professional manner,” said Odalović.

He recalled that 46 bodies were exhumed from the Rudnica 1 site, noting that “there will probably be some more” and added that nothing was found at two other sites.

The identification of the bodies was conducted in Tuzla, he said, adding that the remains are handed over based on the certificates issued by the International Commission on Missing Persons.

Chairman of the Priština-based Commission on Missing Persons Prenk Gjetaj confirmed that human remains were found only at the site Rudnica 1, but pointed to suspicions that more mass graves may exist in the area.

Deputy War Crimes Prosecutor Dragoljub Stanković confirmed that the information regarding the existence of mass graves at other sites is being verified.

"The investigation will establish the circumstances surrounding the death of these people, whether it was a war crime or not, and how the bodies were transported here from the original location. Of course, if this is found to be a war crime, we will take action to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice,” said Stanković.


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