Documentation about murder of 14 Serbs "extensive"

Milovan Drecun says that despite "extensive documentation" on the murder of 14 Serb farmers in Kosovo years ago, "no one has yet been convicted for the crime."

Source: Tanjug, TV Pink

The Serb victims were out harvesting their fields in the village of Staro Gracko, near Lipljan in Kosovo, on July 23, 1999, when they were gunned down. The youngest among them was a 17-year-old boy.

“There is extensive documentation from an investigation conducted by the UNMIK police, and there are persons suspected to have committed the crime,” Drecun, a ruling SNS party MP and chair of parliament's Committee on Kosovo and Metohija told the Belgrade-based TV Pink channel.

He pointed out that “nothing is being launched, and much is being concealed,” and no one had yet been found guilty of the cold-blooded liquidation of the villagers who had been harvesting a field when they were murdered.

Drecun criticized the judicial authorities of Serbia for not dealing with the crime and pointed out that they could have issued indictments despite the suspects not being available.

The committee chairman said that now, "following the first Brussels agreement and commitment to normalizing relations with Priština, Belgrade had a much more serious capacity and it should finally begin to prosecute those from the former ethnic Albanian terrorist organization KLA who had committed crimes against Serbs and other non-Albanians."

In October 2007, UNMIK police arrested an ethnic Albanian, Mazlum Bytyci from the village of Veliki Alas near Lipljan, on suspicion of taking part in the murder.

But Bytyci was released from custody two months later due to lack of evidence.


Officials arrested in new corruption case

The director of the Business Association NISSA A.D. and a tax inspector of the Niš Tax Administration in Aleksinac have been arrested.

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