Dissatisfied patient shoots and kills surgeon

A well-known local surgeon was shot and killed on Sunday in the town of Kraljevo, in central Serbia.

Izvor: B92, Beta, RTS, Tanjug

66-year-old Slobodan Lukić died of his injuries in the Health Center Studenica, where he was taken with serious injuries.

The suspected killer is a 76-year-old, identified with his initials as B.M., also from Kraljevo. According to reports, he shot Lukić several times before attempting to commit suicide.

The public broadcaster RTS reported that the assailant was Lukić's patient dissatisfied with the medical treatment he had received.

According to eyewitnesses, a man walking with a crutch approached Lukić in the street, in front of a store, and shot him.

A source who wished to remain anonymous told the Beta news agency that after being shot with two bullets, the victim was "still on his feet, and then fell," but the attacker "continued to shoot, firing five or six more bullets."

The shooter's attempt to commit suicide was prevented by the passers-by, said the reports.

The police in Kraljevo said that B.M had a license for the pistol he used in the incident.

The police also said that they were working to determine the attacker's motive.

Health Minister Zlatibor Lončar traveled to Kraljevo on Sunday to express his condolences to the family, and speaking at the Studenica hospital, urged that doctors be given the status of "official persons," because, as he said, "not a day goes by that doctors are not attacked."

According to Lončar, the murder of Lukić was a sad day for the health-care sector. He described the victims as having saved "thousands of lives during the past decades."

Speaking about the suspect, Ločar said that he "did not have a tumor, as was said initially," and added:

"According to what he wrote and why he came to the hospital, he was convinced he had a tumor. A year ago he had gallbladder surgery that went with a minor complication that did not require another intervention, but was repaired conservatively. However, he remained of the opinion that he had a tumor, although there are reports that said he did not."

According to the minister, the suspect "on several occasions insisted that his doctors put down that he had a tumor."


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