SPO leader: Milošević was behind all murders

Vuk Drašković says that "Slobodan Milošević stood behind all political assassinations organized and carried out by the state security service of Milošević."

Source: Tanjug

He said that there is now the political will to present to the people the whole pyramid of crimes.

The president of the Serbian Renewal Movement (SPO) said that killing cannot be done on the order of anyone, but on the order of the first in the country, and that was Milošević, and recalled the murders of Ivan Stambolić, Slavko Ćuruvije, and an assassination attempt on him in Budva.

Asked about the assassinations of Zoran Todorović Kudak, Radovan Stojičić Badža and the quadruple murder on the Ibar highway, Drašković told TV Pink in a telephone interview that the political will has appeared to present to the people the whole pyramid of crimes where there are immediate killers, organizers and the supreme giver of orders.

Milošević forwarded his orders to head of State Security Radomir Marković, Drašković said, adding that under Marković was Milan Radonjić, who headed the state security sector in Belgrade.

"Radonjić was in charge of preparing death squads and agents who would prepare the ground, and inform Radomir Marković that 'the victim was processed' and that Legija, that is, the squadron in charge of the liquidation, should send the assassins," Drašković said.


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