Locals break into police station, free detained Serb

Zubin Potok Mayor Stevan Vulović has said that people in that northern Kosovo town last night stormed the local police station and released Slobodan Sovrlić.

Source: Beta, Tanjug

Sovrlić was arrested earlier in the day for disturbing public order.

According to unofficial information, some material damage was caused to the police station during the incident.

The Kosovo police have not yet made an official statement. They began an investigation and blocked access to the station.

Police were also seen controlling traffic, wearing bulletproof vests and carrying rifles.

Tanjug reporters were not allowed to approach the site.

The Government Office for Kosovo, meanwhile, condemned the raid on the police station in Zubin Potok and warned that "any violence committed by Serbs is always used as an excuse and justification for attacking them and Serb property."

"The Office is urging Serbs in the province to remain calm, because common sense, peace and stability are now most needed," the statement said.

Mayor Vulović said that the twenty EULEX vehicles had left the municipality.

He condemned the violence.

"We, as political leaders condemn any form of violence. Violence was perpetrated against police officers in a police station in Zubin Potok, when a boy who was allegedly charged with disturbing public order and peace, was set free," he explained.

He also told Tanjug said that the next steps of the municipal leadership depend on the moves that the interim Kosovo authorities will make, and added that Serbs have for years suffered violence at the hands of these institutions, which was "the case now as well."

"We simply do not trust these institutions, and what happened is a series of steps taken before, and still being taken by an attempted state, I can say freely, by the criminal authorities in Priština," said Vulović.

"As far as the Priština authorities are concerned, we are all on some list of theirs, because we were born Serbs and could not choose our parents. You saw what has been happening during the last few days, what happened to Oliver Ivanović. Quite simply, the people do not trust neither the institutions of the international community, nor those of the attempted state, at the hands of which we have been suffering torture for the past 15 years and practically live in a ghetto," said Vulović.


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