Ex-VRS member found guilty of war crimes

The Belgrade Higher Court War Crimes Department has found a former member of the VRS Rajinovačka unit guilty of war crimes.

Source: Beta

The court sent Đuro Tadić to ten years in prison for his participation in the killing of 18 civilians in the town of Bihać in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Tadić and other perpetrators, members of the war-time Bosnbian Serb army (VRS), were found to be responsible for the killing of 18 civilians in September 1992.

Another person was seriously injured. The victims were under obligation to work in an orchard in Duljci, which is where they came under attack.

The court found that Tadić and others in his group, armed with automatic weapons and dressed in military and police uniforms, approached civilians and opened fire.

When they saw that some civilians were hiding in a barn, they threw a hand grenade at them, and later set the dead bodies on fire.

Zoran Tadić, Jovica Tadić, Zoran Bergo, and Željko Babić were put on trial for the same crime before the Cantonal Court in Bihać, and found guilty in 2012.


MICT to consider prosecution's appeal in Seselj case

The Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals (MICT) will on Wednesday hold a hearing on the prosecution appeal against the verdict in the Seselj trial.

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