Prosecution wants 40 years for suspected crime boss

The Organized Crime Prosecutor's Office proposed to the Belgrade Special Court to find Sreten Jocić guilty and sentence him to 40 years in jail.

Source: Tanjug

He is charged with organizing the murder of Ivo Pukanić, owner of Croatia's weekly Nacional, and his associate Niko Franić in Zagreb on October 23, 2008.

The prosecutor proposed in the closing statement on Wednesday that Belgrade-based members of "Jocić's team" - Željko Milovanović, the perpetrator of the murder, and Milenko Kuzmanović, who was in charge of the logistics support, should be sentenced to 40 years and no less than 15 years in jail respectively.

Deputy Prosecutor Jovica Jovanović said that Jocić organized the murder of Pukanić on the order of an unidentified person for the sum of one and a half million euros, stressing that the motive of the murder was gain.

The Organized Crime Prosecutor's Office said in the closing statement on Wednesday that it has been proved who committed the assassination, but it is difficult to reach the one who ordered the murder.

The Prosecutor's Office believes that during the four-year process the allegations of the indictment have been proved, including that the motive of Pukanić's murder was his reporting about the international tobacco smuggling and his testimony before a European court.

Milovanović was sentenced in Zagreb last year to 40 years in prison for planting an explosive device that wounded Croatian journalists.

The Serbian Prosecutor's Office is charging Kuzmanovic that he and Zagreb-based members of Jocić's group should have provided passports for escape after the murder.

Croatian members of Jocić's group Robert Matanić, Luka Matanić, Amir Mafalani, Bojan Gudurić, Slobodan Đurović and Milovanović stood trial in Zagreb.

In the first-instance proceeding, they were sentenced to a total of 150 years in prison, and the Croatian Supreme Court reduced the sentence last April to only two years.


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