16 suspects arrested in anti-drug raid

The police in Belgrade and Novi Sad searched 50 apartments, houses and vehicles on Monday targeting "the biggest drug dealers" Tanjug reported.

Source: Tanjug

16 suspects have been arrested.

Addressing a press conference, Serbia's Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić said that "there will be sufficient evidence for indictments against some of the arrestees," which include Aleksandar Vavić, one of the leaders of the Alkatraz group of sports supporters.

Vučić echoed last year's pledge that there will be hell for drug dealers, adding that the police raided their safe houses, finding "major quantities of marijuana, opiates and weapons."

"In this way, the state has demonstrated that it is not afraid of anyone, and that those who are the strongest in the streets of Belgrade and Serbia can in no way match the power, will and energy of the state in confronting people such as those, who represent the biggest scourge," Vučić said.

Police sources told Tanjug that 28 locations were searched in Belgrade and another 17 searched in Novi Sad, with eight persons arrested in each city.

In the searches, drugs, weapons and radio communication systems were found, as well as other items associated with criminal acts.


Police arrest 93 suspects in series of raids

The Interior Ministry (MUP) said on Monday that 93 people were arrested in a large-scale operation targeting perpetrators of economic crimes and corruption.

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