Đurić remanded in custody, bail set at EUR 2 million

The Special Court in Belgrade ordered owner of the Zekstra textile company and president of the Partizan football club Dragan Đurić to be remanded in custody.

Source: Tanjug

At the same time, the court said he can be released on bail and if he pays EUR 2 million.

As the court's spokesperson Dušica Ristić told Tanjug, a judge ordered that Đurić be remanded in custody for up to 30 days.

"At the same time, he granted pretrial release for Đurić providing that he post a EUR 2 million-bail bond in RSD counter-value and submit evidence of this to the court,“ Ristić specified.

After the hearing at the Organized Crime Prosecutor's Office on Monday, Đurić was placed in police custody.

The prosecution launched an investigation against Đurić in connection with the privatization of the Veterinary Institute. The prosecution recommended that the order be issued for his detention because of the grounded suspicion that he abused the position of a responsible person.

The Veterinary Institute was privatized in 2005 when it was purchased by the Zekstra company and the criminal charges were pressed against the owner of that company on December 27, 2013.

Đurić is suspected of securing an unlawful gain of over RSD 207,000,000 for the consortium of legal entities Zekstra (LLC) and Bankom (LLC) in the privatization process, the prosecution stated in a release.

The privatization of the Veterinary Institute is one of the 24 dubious privatizations on the Anti-Corruption Council's list.


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