Suspected killer of journalist to be questioned

Representatives of the prosecution and the police swill soon question Stanko Kojić, aka Geza (46), in connection to the murder of Milan Pantić.

Source: Blic

He is currently in Bosnia, where he is in jail for committing war crimes. Stanko Savanović, who changed his last name to Kojić, as Blic learned, is indicated in the investigation as one of two possible immediate killers of the journalists.

It is suspected that Kojić and another suspect originally from Bijeljina together killed Pantić in June 2001 at the entrance to the building where he lived, in the town of Jagodina. The second suspect currently lives in a European country with his family, and a report has been sought from there, according to the daily.

"Kojić will be questioned in the prison in Foča during the next month. A permission was asked from the authorities of Bosnia-Herzegovina, and it recently arrived," said a source.

Kojić is a Bosnian citizen, born in Travnik. He is serving a sentence of 35 years because of the monstrous war crimes in Srebrenica. He was sentenced along with the group of Franc Kos as a member of the notorious 10th Reconnaissance Squad of the Army of the Serb Republic, responsible for the execution of at least 800 Bosniaks in Branjevo.

It was established during his trial that Kojić shot the wounded victims in the head, and bragged about the number of people he killed.

According to the previous investigation, it was determined that another suspect, who lives in a European country, was seen frequently with the Director General of Jagodinska Pivara (brewery) Jovan Stojanović.

"They meet frequently in the Park Hotel in Novi Sad since 1998 until before Pantić was murdered," Blic quoted its source as saying.

Pantić wrote several articles critical of the brewery's work during the time Stojanović was the director. Stojanović has been on trial "for more than a decade," the newspaper writes, on charges of bottling "spoiled beer." He was recently acquitted. However, the police found that there was intimidation of a witness in the proceedings.

In the previous investigation into the murder of Pantić, the Commission for Investigating Murders of Journalists was convinced that the journalist was murdered either because of his reporting about the cement plant in Paraćin, or the brewery in Jagodina. "The investigation has narrowed to these two motives and now evidence is being collected," the source said.


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