Police chiefs, prosecutors to face "consequences"

Operation Grom-1 has shown "determination of the authorities in the fight against drug dealers," Police Director Milorad Veljović stated on Monday.

Source: Tanjug

He added that "the police heads and prosecutors with inadequate contribution to the operation will bear the consequences."

Veljović did not say precisely who the persons in question are, but he underlined that the ones who have achieved good results will be given support.

He pointed to the Criminal Police Administration as a positive example, stressing that the operations such as Thunder and Thunder 1 should be continued.

Veljović said at a press conference that the operations are carried out in line with the conclusion of the Bureau for Coordination of Security Services in the fight against drug dealers across Serbia, adding that they were carried out by the police, the prosecution and the judiciary.

Veljović said that "48.2 kg of various drugs, 1,399 ecstasy pills, seven drug laboratories, 40 pistols and 39 guns of various calibers" were seized during the operation.

The police also seized one bomb, over half a kilo of plastic explosives, 25 luxury cars, 3,555 bullets and over EUR 75,000, he said.

Veljović underlined the police is now investigating the origin of 40 paintings, which were seized in the operation.

He said that the operation has showed that the police are ready to respond adequately to every task that the government sets, pointing to the need for even better cooperation between the police, the prosecution and the judiciary.

The fight against organized crime, crime and drug dealers cannot have the right effect without this full cooperation, he said and expressed belief that the police will achieve even better results next year.

Veljović underlined that there are those who do not deserve to be in the police, but these are just individuals.


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