EULEX: Rudnica holds remains of at least four persons

EULEX official Alan Robinson stated on Monday it has been established that the Rudnica site near Raška holds the remains of at least four individuals.

Source: Tanjug

The co-head of the Department for Forensic Medicine added that the digs were interrupted as soon as the remains were discovered because the court must first order exhumation.

The site is secured and we must now wait for the court to order exhumation to continue digging at the site, Robinson said and underscored that it is impossible to specify at this stage how many individuals were buried in Rudnica.

Robinson said that he is aware of the speculations about the number of victims, and called for caution and restraint concerning the matter.

The number could be very high but it could also be lower than the expected figure, Robinson said and added that the final data on the number of victims would be established only after the forensic works are completed.

EULEX released on Monday that their Forensic Medicine Department would regularly update the families about the progress in the exhumation. The associations of families in Kosovo will soon receive an invitation for informal talks during which the details of the field operation would be presented, states the release issued by EULEX.

The release also states that the discovery of the mass grave in Rudnica near Raška came as the result of several months' intense work and preparations. The effective cooperation between the Serbian War Crimes Prosecutor's Office, EULEX Forensic Medicine Department and EULEX War Crimes Investigative Unit ensured a regular execution of the assessment process.


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