Dačić: Excavation in Rudnica to continue

Prime Minister Ivica Dačić has said that the excavation will continue in the village of Rudnica, near Raška, south-western Serbia.

Source: Tanjug

Human remains were found there that are suspected to be of Albanian victims of war crimes in Kosovo and Metohija, Tanjug reported.

Dačić said that there is no dilemma that the search for the missing will continue until light is shed on each and every crime, but added that it is still too early for reports until the digs in Rudnica are completed.

"However, we are requesting that other states also work so responsibly on shedding light on the crimes that were committed against the Serbian people," the prime minister told reporters during a visit to Boljevac near Belgrade.

On instructions issued by the Serbian War Crimes Prosecutor's Office, the excavation began at the Rudnica quarry at the beginning of this week where, according to witnesses, there is a mass grave containing the bodies of 250 people.

The Prosecutor's Office believes that the bodies were transported there after the armed conflict with the Albanian secessionists and NATO bombing, during the withdrawal of Serbian forces from Kosovo-Metohija in June 1999.

The issue of the mass grave in Rudnica was raised by the Priština working group and UNMIK back in 2004 and unsuccessful examinations were conducted in May and June 2007.

On Friday, EULEX stated that human remains were found during the excavation at the site in Rudnica, and announced that, in cooperation with Serbian authorities, the digs will continue in the coming days.

According to the data by the Serbian Commission on Missing Persons, light is yet to be shed on the fate of the total of 1,750 missing persons, including 529 non-Albanians, a huge majority of them being Serbs, and tens of Roma.


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