More arrests in connection to Agrobanka case

Five persons have been arrested in the southern town of Vranje on suspicion that they abused their official position and incurred damages to the Agrobanka bank.

Source: B92

The Serbian Ministry of Interior announced on Wednesday that the group is believed to have cause financial losses of EUR 2.4 million.

The suspects were taken into custody on a warrant signed by the Higher Public Prosecution in Čačak.

The police said they were P.V., the owner of the company Panto Market and the majority owner of a series of connected companies, "a responsible person from the Živinoprodukt company", a court expert, the president of the Agrobanka credit board, and a member of the Agrobanka executive board.

The prosecution believes that P.V., with the help of other suspects, on behalf of the Živinoprodukt company in 2010 requested to be granted a short-term loan from Agrobanka.

He asked the bank for RSD 256,926,560.

The property of Živinoprodukt was offered as collateral, and was appraised at RSD 517,430,870 by the court expert, despite the fact that the Tax Administration in Vranje appraised the same property at RSD 117,000.

The prosecution now suspects that the money was used to settle the obligations that the companies managed by P.V. had toward Agrobanka.

The loan was never repaid, while Živonoprodukt filed for bankruptcy.

RTS is reporting that on Tuesday, owner of the GP Dom and CBS companies Spasoje Tuševljak was also arrested on suspicion that he, along with former top managers of Agrobanka, illegally requested and approved loans.


MICT to consider prosecution's appeal in Seselj case

The Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals (MICT) will on Wednesday hold a hearing on the prosecution appeal against the verdict in the Seselj trial.

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