Policeman's killer has fled to Kosovo, says official

A suspect in the murder of a police officer near Bujanovac last week has been identified, Zoran Stanković has said.

Source: RTS

The head of the Government Coordinating Body for Preševo, Bujanovac and Medveđa told RTS on Sunday that the suspect had fled to Kosovo.

He also noted that the car that hit and fatally wounded on-duty officer Goran Đorđević had been recovered, and that a man who was in the passenger seat was now under arrest.

Stanković stressed that a police checkpoint was located in the village of Veliki Trnovci for several years now, and that members of MUP's Gendarmerie and other security forces "pass through there on a daily basis."

"The police and the state security organs are monitoring the events in that area," said Stanković.


Municipal chief arrested on corruption charges

The president of the Kovačica municipality, Miroslav Krišan, has been arrested on suspicion that he abused his official position.

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"Accomplice" in murder of policeman arrested

Bajram Resat, a native of the village of Veliki Trnovci in southern Serbia, has been placed under arrest in connection to the murder of a police officer.

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