"Accomplice" in murder of policeman arrested

Bajram Resat, a native of the village of Veliki Trnovci in southern Serbia, has been placed under arrest in connection to the murder of a police officer.

Source: B92

B92 learned that the man was in the passenger seat of a black Audi car that late on Monday hit and fatally injured Goran Đorđević, to then escape the scene.

The police are also on the trail of the driver, B92 learned unofficially.

The policeman was on patrol in the area close to Bujanovac when he tried to stop a car suspected of carrying drugs.

Instead of stopping, the driver hit him and fled the scene, escaping in the direction of Veliko Trnovo.

The 44-year-old officer died of his injuries on Wednesday, in the Clinical Center in Niš.

Police Director Milorad Veljović said that his murder was "an attack on the state, which has sustained a severe blow," and promised that the police would "react fiercely."


Municipal chief arrested on corruption charges

The president of the Kovačica municipality, Miroslav Krišan, has been arrested on suspicion that he abused his official position.

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