Policeman injured near Bujanovac in serious condition

A police officer who was late on Monday injured when a car hit him and fled the scene is today "somewhat more stable, but in a coma."

Source: Tanjug

The incident happened near the town of Bujanovac, in southern Serbia.

The officer, identified as G.Đ., is on life support and his condition continues to be very serious, his doctors at the Niš Clinical Center told reporters on Tuesday morning.

The patient underwent surgery to treat the injuries to his chest, and then another at the neurosurgery ward.

The Belgrade media reported that the police officer was hurt when a black Audi with Bujanovac license plates hit him, near a gas station on the Bujanovac-Trnovac road.

The driver then fled the scene, escaping in the direction of the village of Veliki Trnovac.

The police patrol was under orders to stop the Audi on suspicion that narcotics were being transported in the vehicle.

The police said late last night that they were conducting an intensive search for the driver.

According to unofficial information, the person is a native of Veliki Trnovac.


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