Police officials arrested in western Serbian town

Two high-ranking officials of the Police Administration (PU) in the town of Valjevo have been placed under arrest.

Source: Blic

The Belgrade-based daily Blic is reporting that they are held on corruption charges.

The officials have been identified as Dejan Subotić and Milan Ćulafić. They headed the local PU's crime and narcotics suppression departments, respectively.

According to the newspaper, members of MUP's Internal Control arrested Subotić and Ćulafić and charged them with accepting bribes from local drug dealers and providing "protection" to the criminals in exchange.


Serb man assaulted near Kosovo town

Three ethnic Albanians on Sunday evening physically assaulted a Serb man from the town of Gnjilane and stole his car.

Crime Monday, August 26, 2013 11:42 Comments: 7
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