AI: UNMIK did not solve cases of missing Serbs

Human rights group Amnesty International has pointed to the failure of UNMIK in Kosovo to conduct an investigation into the fate of civilians, mostly Serbs.

Source: Tanjug

They went missing during the conflicts in Kosovo in 1998 and 1999.

The fact that UNMIK failed to carry out an investigation into a number of systematic attacks on civilians and possible crimes against humanity contributed to the atmosphere of unpunished crimes in Kosovo, AI expert for the Kosovo issue Sian Jones stated on Tuesday as reported by AFP.

In the latest report of Amnesty International which will be presented to the UN Security Council on Thursday, August 29, ahead of the debate on Kosovo, the organization underscored that cousins of the missing persons, mostly ethnic Serbs, filed around 150 appeals stating that UNMIK did not investigate the kidnapping and consequent murder of their relatives.

In a number of cases, UNMIK did not present any evidence that the investigation was carried out at all, Amnesty International stated in the report.

The London-based human rights organisation recalled that crimes against humanity do not grow obsolete and that it should not be banned to the UN to perform their duty.

Most of the cases listed in the report cover kidnappings of Serbs by Albanian separatists belonging to the then paramilitary formation Kosovo Liberation Army, but Amnesty International said in its report that the alleged kidnappings of Albanians by Serbs have not been investigated either and called on UMIK and EULEX to solve the heritage of Kosovo conflicts, including the missing persons cases.


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