Still no charges for cutting in front of presidential convoy

There have been no charges filed against Aleksandar Stojić ten months after he used his car to cut in front of a presidential motorcade.

Source: Blic

Stojić was driving a Škoda without registration plates when he tried to cut into the path of the vehicles a total of three times.

The incident happened in Jurija Gagarina St. in New Belgrade on November 21, 2012.

President Tomislav Nikolić's security tried to stop him, but Stojić escaped.

The police saw Stojić's behavior as a minor offense, and were due to file charges against him at a misdemeanor court within 15 days of the incident. However, the elgrade-based daily Blic is reporting that this is yet to happen.

A source from the court told the newspaper that the case would fall under the statute of limitations in 14 months.

"Whether somebody is keeping the complaint in their desk on purpose, waiting to send it when there's no more time to reach a verdict, that's not up to us to say," the source was quoted.

A separate case involving a similar incident that happened the same month, when a MUP employee cut in front of the presidential motorcade, went to trial.


EULEX: No secret indictments against Kosovo Serbs

There are no secret indictments against Serbs in the Kosovo courts, because there is no legal basis for something like this, said EULEX head Bernd Borchardt.

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