CES Mecon released from detention after posting bail

Owner of the consulting firm CES Mecon Zvonimir Nikezić was released from detention in the District Prison in Belgrade on Monday.

Source: Tanjug

He was set free after he posted one million euros worth real estate as bail, set by the Belgrade Special Court, the Administration for Enforcement of Penal Sanctions told Tanjug.

Nikezić was arrested on November 24 last year and spent a total of eight months and five days in detention.

Some ten days ago, by order of the Court of Appeal in Belgrade, the Special Court ruled that Nikezić, who is charged with abuses in the mineral fertilizers producer Azotara Pancevo, can be released from detention if he posts a one million bail, instead of a previously set EUR 2.2 million.

On July 18, after adopting a constitutional appeal lodged by Nikezić's lawyer, the Constitutional Court of Serbia found that Nikezić's right to a limited period of detention, guaranteed by the Constitution, has been violated.

The Organized Crime Prosecutor's Office charged Nikezić with abusing his positions as manager and coordinator of a consulting team of the HIP-Azotara, a company in restructuring, in connection with sales of subsidized artificial fertilizers at Azotara Pancevo between July 2009 and August 2011, in violation of government directives.

Former agriculture minister Saša Dragin is also accused of abusing his official position in connection with the case.

Accusations were also brought against former managers and executives in Azotara and state-owned agricultural enterprises, and a number of owners and managers of private agricultural firms.

They are suspected of abuses in the sale of subsidized mineral fertilizers originally intended for agricultural farms in which the government owns a stake.


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