Mišković attends Delta Holding news conference

Delta Holding owner Miroslav Mišković on Thursday attended a news conference called by his company.

Source: B92

Mišković on Wednesday "returned to work," after spending seven months in detention.

Reporters today learned about the company's business results during the past six months, while Mišković himself took part only briefly, when he said that he kept in touch with his associates while in prison "via his lawyers."

Mišković attended the conference sitting in the first row, with the audience.

It was announced ahead of the event that the legal proceedings launched against the owner of Serbia's largest privately held company would not be commented on. Mišković and several others have been indicted in a corrpution case.

Delta Holding's Dejan Jeremić said that the company was successful during the past seven months that its owner spent detained by the authorities.

After the news conference ended, Mišković smiled, turned towards journalists - and waved at them, our reporter said.


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