Court orders local media to pay million in compensation

The Appellate Court in Novi Sad has ordered two local media outlets to pay one million Serbian dinars (some EUR 8,700) as compensation in a private lawsuit.

Source: VIP

TV Apatin and Apatin-based Radio Dunav were sued for defamation by the family of a girl who had committed suicide.

Explaining its ruling, the court said that by publishing the information on the suicide, the right to privacy had been violated, and that there had been no justified interest of the public to know about this tragic event.

The parents sued TV Apatin, Radio Dunav and Radio Apatin because they broadcast information about the suicide of their daughter, sought RSD 2 million from each outlet as compensation for defamation and mental distress.

Secretary-General of the Journalists Association of Serbia (UNS) Nino Brajović said that "large fines" that media were sentenced to threatened by introduction of self-censorship and jeopardizing the media freedom.

He said that the disputable reports on suicide did not violate the Journalists’ Code and that they broadcast information whose accuracy was confirmed.


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