Football supporters "clash for two hours"

An incident took place in the central town of Kragujevac overnight, involving supporters of the local club Radnički, and those of Belgrade's Red Star.

Source: Beta

According to reports, they engaged in clashes that went on for two hours.

The deputy director of the Kragujevac medical emergency service told Beta news agency that the incidents took place in three locations.

Ten people were lightly injured as a result, while one man suffered serious head injuries, and was treated for his wounds.

According to the official, the clashes broke out "when Red Star supporters returned from a game played in Belgrade." The supporters of Radnički were "waiting for them."

Kragujevac police chief Ivan Đorović said that "hooligans were intercepting supporters," including those traveling in two cars.

Red Star on Thursday beat Iceland's IBV 2-0 in the first leg of the second round of qualifications for UEFA's Europa League.


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