Burned car "with lifeless bodies" found in central town

A burned-down Audi vehicle, found on Monday morning in a village road near Jagodina in central Serbia "contained lifeless bodies."

Source: B92, Blic, Tanjug

This has been unofficially confirmed for B92.

The car was found near the Ratković village by passers-by who alerted the police, and said that they saw "two completely charred bodies" inside.

No other details have been available today, as the local police and court representatives investigated the scene, keeping members of the public and reporters away from the vehicle.

Higher Court in Jagodina Investigative Judge Jasmina Veselinović described the case as "a horrific event", adding, in a statement for B92, that "several persons" had died. However, she was unable to confirm that there were two victims, as reported earlier by the media.

"At this moment I cannot confirm that," said Jagodina Police Administration (PU) spokeswoman Gordana Cvetić, and added:

"The car is in such a condition that I cannot confirm that, but as soon as more information arrives, I will keep you posted."


MICT to consider prosecution's appeal in Seselj case

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