Special Court extends detention for Delta Holding owner

The Special Court in Belgrade extended the detention for Delta Holding owner Miroslav Mišković and Nibens Group owner Milo Đurašković for another 30 days.

Source: Tanjug

The court deemed both a flight risk.

A pre-trial chamber of the Special Court also extended the period of house arrest with electronic monitoring to Mišković's son, Marko, the court said in a release.

Milorad Mišković and Đurašković have been in detention since December 12 last year, while Marko Mišković was placed in house arrest and fitted with an electronic bracelet to monitor his movements on April 3.

According to the release, the measure against Marko Mišković can be extended for as long it is necessary, but no longer than a sentence in the case is delivered.

Over the next few days, the Special Court should act on an Appellate Court order and reconsider the proposal put forward by Miroslav Mišković's defense that he be granted bail and released pending trial or that he be placed in house arrest.

After establishing that there have been violations of the provisions of the criminal proceedings in connection with the defense's proposal to release Mišković pending trial or to place him in house arrest, the Appellate Court overturned the June 4 decision of the Special Court rejecting the proposal and granted the appeal of Mišković's defense last week.

The decision rejecting a similar proposal by Đurašković's defense was also revoked, so the Special Court will be considering this appeal as well.

On May 9, after six months of investigation, the Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime filed charges against Mišković and Đurašković and nine other suspects for misappropriation of funds and assets of several Serbian road construction and maintenance enterprises in the period between 2005 and 2010.

The organized crime prosecutor suspects that the two men's actions caused losses to the road enterprises and the budget of Serbia of RSD 16.95 billion and RSD 472 million, respectively.


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