Late night alcohol sale once again outlawed in Belgrade

The Belgrade City Assembly has reintroduced its ban, previously overturned by the Constitutional Court, on the sale of alcohol during nighttime.

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Stores and "craft stores" will not be allowed to sell alcoholic drinks from 22:00 at night until 06:00 the next morning.

The decision does not apply to either of Serbia's New Year holidays, celebrated according to Gregorian and Julian calendars, it was noted on the city's website.

The ban is being introduced with the goal of "protecting the lives, health, and safety of the citizens," it was also said. The decision will take effect once it has been published in the Official Gazette of the City of Belgrade.

The city originally introduced the ban in February 2011, after which protests were held in Belgrade "against the prohibition."

The Constitutional Court ruled it unconstitutional in October of last year.

This time around, the new legislation is in line with the changes of jurisdiction of local self-governments, City Council member Milan Popović explained, and added that it was also based on the amended Law on Trade, which allows local self-governments to independently regulate this area.


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