Acquitted ex-chiefs of state security return to Belgrade

Former State Security Service (DB) Head Jovica Stanišić and DB's Special Operations Unit Chief Franko Simatović arrived in Belgrade on Friday.

Source: B92, Beta

The Serbian government’s plane landed at Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport at 11:10 CET.

Stanišić and Simatović did not make any statements upon their arrival.

The two ex-DB chiefs were on Thursday acquitted by the Hague Tribunal of all charges for crimes against non-Serb civilians in Bosnia and Croatia, in the period between 1991 and 1995.

They spent almost ten years in the Hague Tribunal’s custody.

The Hague Tribunal determined that they were not guilty of directing, organizing, equipping, training, arming and financing units of the Serbian State Security Service which murdered, persecuted, deported and forcibly transferred non-Serb civilians in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Croatian media have reported that the Tribunal’s decision is “grotesque” and that “the Hague Tribunal has amnestied Slobodan Milošević”.


Prosecutor's Office to seek evidence from Hague

War Crimes Prosecutor Vladimir Vukčević said on Thursday that his office will petition the Hague Tribunal for evidence in the Stanišić and Simatović case.

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Hit-and-run victim dies of gruesome injuries

An ambulance discovered a severely injured man on a road between Belgrade’s suburbs of Železnik and Sremčica around 2:20 CET on Wednesday.

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