MUP employee guilty in presidential convoy case

The First Basic Court in Belgrade has sentenced MUP driver Saša Pejović to eight months imprisonment, suspended for two years.

Source: Tanjug

He stood the trial accused of trying to cut in front of a convoy of vehicles carrying President Tomislav Nikolić.

The court found Pejović guilty for impeding official persons traveling in the president's convoy on November 3, 2012, on the Belgrade-Niš highway, and while driving a MUP SUV.

According to the indictment, he caught up with the convoy at Bubanj Potok, near Belgrade, and tried to cut into the path of the vehicles.

Pejović, who is a police employee and the driver of Traffic Police Chief Dragiša Simić, told the court ahead of the reading of the verdict that he was not guilty of the charges and that he did not intend to cut in front of the convoy, but to overtake it.

He also told the judge he did not see members of the president's security detail signaling him to move away.

But the witnesses from the convoy's escort were explicit that they repeatedly used light and sound signalization in an attempt to warn Pejović to slow down and move away, but that he "steadfastly refused."

One of the security personnel testifying said that had Pejović opened the window of his car they were "ready to shoot him" - believing that the safety of the president was jeopardized.

A similar incident took place later the same month, when an unknown driver of a Škoda Fabia that had no license plates tried four or five times to cut in front of another convoy in which Tomislav Nikolić was traveling.


Molotov cocktails thrown at EULEX vehicles

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