Kosovo: Serb arrested after attack on Serb children

A Serb man from Kosovska Mitrovica has been detained on Tuesday apparently in connection to an explosion that injured two children on Monday.

Source: B92, Beta, Tanjug

The Kosovo police, KPS, also released the man's name, saying that Srđan Stojanović's home was searched when a hand grenade was discovered - "M75, similar to the one that exploded in the home of the Vučetić family".

According to the KPS, Stojanović was arrested because of the explosive device found in his apartment, located in the same house, a floor below the scene of the attack.

Spokesperson Besim Hoti was also quoted as saying that "two hand grenades were discovered in the Stojanović home", along with "two clips containing 50 7.62mm bullets," as well as police handcuffs - and a dictaphone.

"In the house where the explosion occurred a Kalashnikov (AK47) and 54 bullets were found," he was also quoted as saying.

The KPS then announced that Stojanović would be held in police custody for 48 hours, and that he was "not on good terms" with the parents of the injured children.

However, the Vučetić family on Tuesday rejected the possibility that Stojanović threw the hand grenade at their home.

The children's' uncle, Jovica Vučetić, told reporters that while it was true that their two families had their disputes, he did not believe that this would have prompted Stojanović to attack the two children with a hand grenade.


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