KM Mayor: Serbs are not welcome in Kosovo

The fact that the killers of Sava Mojsić have not been found and punished one year later means that Serbs are not welcome in Kosovo, says Krstmir Pantić.

Source: Beta

"Mojsić was murdered simply for being a Serb, and although his killers are known both to the international community and the Kosovo police, they have not been arrested and have not faced justice," the Kosovska Mitrovica mayor told the Beta news agency on the first anniversary of the crime.

This constitutes for yet more proof that ethnic Albanians and the international community do not wish to solve murder cases where Serbs were the victims, according to him.

"It is a message that they must accept what it being forced on them from Priština - and that is an Albanian society and institutions. And if they refuse, they will end up like Sava Mojsić," the mayor said of his fellow Serbs.

They make up a majority population north of the Ibar River, and reject the authority of the government in Priština.

The town of Kosovska Mitrovica itself is divided by the river to its mostly Serb, norther, and ethnic Albanian, souther parts.


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