Former minister renounces immunity, claims innocence

Environment and Spatial Planning Minister Oliver Dulić has renounced his immunity as an MP and stated that he is innocent.

Izvor: B92, Beta

Police tried to arrest him earlier on Saturday on suspicion of abuse of office but he pleaded immunity.

Dulić, who is currently a Democratic Party (DS) MP, is suspected of abuse of office.

The police tried to arrest the former minister in his home in the northern town of Subotica but he pleaded immunity and scheduled a press conference at noon in the Serbian parliament.

He said that he would report to the police after the press conference.

“I have never broken the law and I will prove it,” the former minister told the press conference.

Organized Crime Prosecutor Miljko Radisavljević has filed a request to parliament to revoke the MP’s immunity.

B92 has learnt that Dulić is wanted by the police in connection with Nuba company’s business operations involving optic cables.

Former Assistant Environment and Spatial Planning Minister Nebojša Janjić and Former Roads of Serbia public company Director Zoran Drobnjak have been arrested.

“I pleaded immunity only so I could hold a press conference in parliament and after that I will report to the Belgrade police. I have nothing to hide and I cannot wait for an interview with the state authorities,” Dulić told Beta news agency earlier on Saturday.

“It is obvious that this is a political persecution because I have been satanized by two tabloids controlled by the governments in the past month,” he said.

Radisavljević told B92 that the former minister was suspected of abuse of office. The prosecution suspects that he illegally issued permits for mounting of optic cables on roads across the country.

The prosecutor explained that the police and the prosecution had been working on the case since March.


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