Police urged to investigate attacks against journalists

SEEMO has urged Serbian police to investigate the latest attacks against journalists, find the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

Source: SEEMO

The Vienna-based South East Europe Media Organization said in a statement on Wednesday that on September 29, Mladen Mijatović, a reporter specialized in covering crime for the Belgrade-based TV broadcaster TV Pink found all four of his car tires slashed.

Mijatović had previously received verbal threats and had been physically assaulted. The latest assault occurred in August 2011.

On September 22, a wedding in Vranje, southern Serbia, degenerated into a massive fist fight. Tanja Janković, a journalist with the Belgrade-based broadcaster TV B92, and her family were among the guests. Jankovic was hit in the head while other members of her family suffered concussions and other injuries.

It is not clear if the brawl - a police inspector was among the guests - was related to Janković's work as an investigative journalist or was motivated by other reasons. According to Janković, only her phone call to Ivica Dačić, Serbia’s prime minister and minister of the interior, prevented a bloodbath.

“In the case of Mijatović, I call on the police to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice,” said SEEMO Secretary General Oliver Vujović. “In the case of Janković, it is important to establish the facts, analyze what happened and bring all those responsible to justice.”


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