Kosovska Mitrovica municipal building stoned

Unknown persons during the night attacked with stones the building housing the municipal administration of northern Kosovska Mitorovica.

Izvor: Beta, Tanjug

A window was broken as a consequence, while no injuries have been reported, Kosovo police, KPS, official Ergin Medić told reporters.

The incident represents the latest in a series of attacks against the building, that have been taking place over the past several months.

The building is located on the road leading toward the ethnically mixed village of Suvi Do in northern Kosovska Mitrovica.

No perpetrators were identified after any of the previous incidents.

The northern Kosovska Mitorovica municipality functions within the system of the Serbian government.

Office for Kosovo wants attackers punished

The Serbian government Office for Kosovo on Wednesday strongly condemned another stoning of the Kosovska Mitrovica municipal assembly building, asking that the perpetrators be found and punished.

This is yet another in a series of attacks on the municipal building and the attackers have not been found, the Office said in a release.

The Office demands that the perpetrators be found and punished and their names released to the public, in order to stop the practice of only verbally condemning the incidents, says the release.

The latest stoning is obviously a consequence of Priština's policy of raising tensions every time Priština and Belgrade come a step closer to renewing their dialogue, according to the release.

The Office for Kosovo reiterated that Serbia was committed to peace and dialogue, and that all obstacles "lie on the side of those who persist in violence being accepted as the natural way of life in Kosovo."


Army colonel arrested on corruption charges

A Serbian Army colonel whose initials are V.S. has been placed under arrest on suspicion that he abused his official position and traded in influence.

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