EULEX releases suspects for murder of Kosovo Serb

Four Kosovo Albanians arrested by the EULEX police last week, two of whom are suspected of killing Kosovo Serb Savo Mojsić, have been released.

Source: Tanjug

EULEX Spokeswoman Irina Gudeljević told Tanjug that two people believed to be connected to Mojsić's murder were released by a judge after a hearing.

Mojsić was killed last November in the neighborhood of Brđani in northern Kosovska Mitrovica, and another three Serbs were injured.

Gudeljević said the investigation into the case was ongoing even though the suspects had been freed.

She added that two suspects, charged with illegal possession of firearms, were also released at the prosecutor's discretion.

EULEX and Kosovo police carried out a joint operation in Kosovska Mitrovica on July 12.

They detained two suspects in connection with the murder and another two who were found in possession of weapons.

During the operation, the police searched three houses and seized two AK 47 rifles with 110 bullets, one pistol with five bullets, and one hand grenade.

The case is being investigated by a mixed team of one EULEX and one local district prosecutor.

Brđani is a multiethnic neighborhood populated by Serbs and Albanians.


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