One dead as blast destroys cars in downtown Belgrade

One person died while two vehicles have been damaged in an explosion that occurred in Cara Dušana St. in downtown Belgrade on Friday.

Source: B92, RTS

B92 has received confirmation that one person traveling in a Citroen C4 vehicle that was destroyed died on the way to the hospital.

State broadcaster RTS previously reported that an unspecified number of people died, while others were wounded.

The Serbian police told Beta news agency that one person suffered injuries in the incident.

The city medical emergency services said they treated a 40-year-old man for cuts to his face and hearing loss.

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The police are yet to make a statement on the nature of the explosion. Unofficial reports suggest that a device, described as a "bomb", was thrown inside the Citroen through the car's open window.

However, B92 has learned that the device was planted under the car.

Also unofficially, the victim was a "controversial Montenegrin businessman". He has been identified by the media as Boško Raičević.

In 2010, also in Belgrade, Raičević was shot four times "after an altercation over a parking spot", said reports.

The 41-year-old was a "relative and associate" of Andrija Drašković - who was put on trial and found guilty for the murder of a member of the Surčin Clan organized crime group.

The blast also shattered glass on windows on nearby buildings, while a nearby kindergarten had to be evacuated.


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