Suspected pedophile member of neo-Nazi organization

22-year-old Marko M., who was arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing children in Futog, was a member of the neo-Nazi organization Nacionalni Stroj.

Source: B92, Beta, Press

Daily Press writes that the suspect’s brother is also a registered member of the banned neo-Nazi organization.

Police learned this during a several-hour-long questioning. The suspect has also confessed to the crime.

Beta news agency has learned that he would be questioned by an investigative judge in Novi Sad on Friday. According to the allegations from the criminal charges, Marko M. is also accused of endangering minors’ safety in Futog.

He confessed to attacking children in Futog from October 13 until November 16. The suspect is charged with intercepting children in front of an elementary school in Futog and trying to lure them into his car.

According to Novi Sad police Spokeswoman Mileva Tomić, parents reported to the police in October that an unknown man had waited for their daughter, introduced himself as a school principal from a nearby village and pulled her into his car but that she had managed to run away.

Parents of a boy who claimed that an unknown man driving a car had tried to talk to him had also contacted the police, as well as the parents of another boy who said that a man had tried to get him into his car but that he had gotten scared and run away.

Police did not want to comment on the case or on unofficial information that the arrested man is not the only pedophile in the Novi Sad area.


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