Seven new suspects arrested in Kolubara case

Seven more persons suspected of abuse in Kolubara coal mine were arrested last night.

Source: B92

They are currently being questioned by police and they will be questioned by an investigative judge tomorrow, Organized Crime Prosecutor Miljko Radisavljević has said.

Kolubara Građevinar Director Slavoljub Pavlović and Kolubara Usluge Director Duško Obradović are among the arrested persons, B92 has learned.

Owners of five privately-owned companies, whose machines had been illegally leased for the work in the strip coal mine basin, were also arrested.

Tenders for the lease of privately-owned companies’ machines were rigged through the two Kolubara daughter companies. The private companies were paid large sums of money based on false invoices.

Radisavljević says that the latest arrests do not mean that the investigation into abuses in Kolubara is finished.

Eight months after B92’s investigative program Insajder had revealed that individuals had been violating laws in Kolubara for years in order to gain wealth, the police started making first arrests.

Former Kolubara Directors Dragan Tomić, who was a director between 2004 and 2008, and Vladan Jovičić, who led the company from 2008 until 2009, were arrested in the beginning of October. Seven more Kolubara managers were arrested at the time.

Aside from them, owners of several privately-owned companies were also arrested.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Olgica Miloradović claimed at the time that the Prosecution had been looking into Kolubara long before it had been made public by Insajder.

The suspects, who were running Kolubara and the companies that used to cooperate with it, are accused of malversations that helped them make a profit of around EUR 10mn. However, Insajder has found out that more than EUR 130mn went to private accounts over the previous eight years through the lease of privately-owned machines.

The B92 investigative program has also learned that Jagodina Mayor Dragan Marković Palma has been working with Kolubara through close family members. Marković, however, claims that he does not own a single machine and that he has been selling coal from Kolubara for 30 years.


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