Police detain minister’s 17-year-old son

Novi Pazar police have arrested four young men, including Minister without Portfolio Sulejman Ugljanin’s son.

Source: Beta, Tanjug

The minister has called for dismissals in the police.

Police Assistant Director and Novi Pazar Police Administration Chief Dragan Terzić has announced that the four young men were arrested in accordance with the law after a woman had reported that they had intercepted and threatened her in Novi Pazar.

According to the report, the men got out of their car and threatened the woman with guns around 22:00 CET on Thursday. Police detained them so they could be identified by the victim. Terzić said that all four of them had denied the incident and claimed that they were only joking.

Terzić pointed out that the police did not find any weapons on them but added that they had committed an offence. He explained that Ugljanin’s son had gotten his temporary driver’s license three days earlier and that as a 17-year-old he was not allowed to drive without a presence of a person who had had driver’s license for five years between 17:00 and 23:00.

According to the Novi Pazar police chief, Ugljanin’s friends had also committed an offence because they did not have any IDs even though every citizen older than the age of 16 needs to carry one.

Minister condemns police actions

At a press conference on Friday Ugljanin condemned, as he claimed, the arrest, beating and harassment of the four young men, including his 17-year-old son.

He requested that Terzić leave Novi Pazar. Ugljanin, a Bosniak List leader, said that Bosniaks needed “beloved Serbia” and not, as he said, “greater Serbia” in which “Milošević’s spirit“ was still alive.

The minister pointed to several cases in which police had failed to perform their duty, including an incident that happened on March 17, 2009 when he was shot at in Novi Pazar.

The Novi Pazar police chief has denied the allegations.


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