Serbian "Fuehrer" released from custody

Goran Davidović, the leader of a Serbian neo-Nazi group who was arrested in Italy on April 18 at Serbia’s request, has been released from custody in Trieste.

Source: Beta

Davidović was temporarily released from custody until a decision on his extradition is taken by the Italian Appeals Court, expected in early July, said the Serbian Justice Ministry.

The Nacionalni Stroj (tr. National Formation) leader was sentenced to one year in prison in Serbia last year for inciting racial, ethnic and religious hatred. In late 2005, he, together with his associates, disrupted an anti-fascist tribune at the Philosophy Faculty in Novi Sad, where he verbally and physically abused guests and speakers alike.

In April of this year, the Serbian Justice Ministry sent its Italian counterpart an extradition request for Davidović, aka “the Fuehrer”, who absconded from the country with a prison sentence having over him.

Davidović failed to answer a court summons to report to serve his sentence, and a warrant for his arrest was issued on March 24, 2009.


JM: All war criminals to be arrested

Serbian Justice Minister Snežana Malović said yesterday that all war criminals would be arrested if found on Serbian territory, including Ratko Mladić.

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