Indictment against KLA's Gnjilane Group

The War Crimes Prosecution has issued a war crimes indictment against 17 former members of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA).

Source: FoNet

The group – nine members of which are in custody in Belgrade, while the rest remain at large – has been charged with vicious murder of at least 52 Serbs, Roma and ethnic Albanians and rape of a large number of women in the town of Gnjilane in eastern Kosovo, in the wake of the war in the province – from June to September 1999.

The indictment says that first accused ethnic Albanians Fazlija Ajdari, Redzep Aliji, Sacir Saciri and KLA members who are currently on the run ordered, while other accused executed illegal detention, rape, inhuman treatment, torture, mutilation and murder of the victims in three locations in Gnjilane.

The goal of this was to force the remaining Serb population to leave the municipality and Kosovo.

The prosecutor has asked for the custody of nine suspects – arrested in a MUP Gendarmerie raid in Preševo, southern Serbia, in December 2008 – to be extended, while the remaining eight former KLA members should be tried in absentia.


JM: All war criminals to be arrested

Serbian Justice Minister Snežana Malović said yesterday that all war criminals would be arrested if found on Serbian territory, including Ratko Mladić.

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