Supreme Court receives Zemun Clan appeals

The Supreme Court has received the appeals from the prosecution, defendants and their legal counsels in the Zemun Clan case.

Source: Tanjug

A spokesman for Belgrade District Court Special Section told Tanjug that together with the appeals, the Supreme Court had received the prosecution’s responses to the defense appeals and vice versa.

The Supreme Court had also received 90 volumes of records of the investigation and trial of the criminal group, said the spokeswoman.

The Trial Chamber, headed by Judge Milimir Lukić (presiding), sentenced the 26 members of the Zemun Clan, eight of whom are still on the run, to a total of 465 years behind bars for criminal association, 18 counts of murder, three kidnappings and two terrorist attacks.

First-accused, former Special Operations Unit (JSO) commander Milorad Ulemek was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Aleksandar Simović was sentenced to 35 years, Dušan Krsmanović to 20, Toni Gavrić and Predrag Maletić to three, Nikola Bajić to 35, Saša Petrović to five, and Đorđe Slavković to 35 in prison.

Milan Jurišić was sentenced to 34 years, Darko Milićević to 13, Dragan Miladinović to five years, Slobodan Kovačić to four years, Bojan Dolić to four and a half years, and Darko Milić to five years behind bars.

Milan Drča was sentenced to five years, Srećko Trajković to four and a half years, Milan Jovanović to five, Milomir Kaličanin to 10, Slobodan Pažin to seven years and five months, and Dalibor Nišavić to 10 years and six months.

The six defendants still on the run all received long prison terms—Miloš Simović, Vladimir Milisavljević and Sretko Kalinić to 40 years each, Milan Jurišić to 20, Milan Glišović to 32 and Selman Hamidović to 10 years.

Aleksandar Zdravković was cleared of all charges, while the case against Nenad Opačić for complicity in the murder of Velibora Iličić was rejected due to the expiry of the case.

The same applied to the cases of Ninoslav Konstantinović and Dejan Ranđelović.

The trial of the members of the Zemun Clan initially began as joint proceeding with the trial for the murder of the late Zoran Đinđić in 2003, but the cases were divided in early 2004.

The trial has run for four years, and the court has heard testimony from numerous experts and witnesses, including protected witnesses Miladin Suvajdžić, Ljubiša Buha and Dejan Milenković, of whom the latter was the only one to testify publicly.


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