Ranta speaks out about "Račak massacre"

Finnish pathologist Helena Ranta says OSCE mission chief to Kosovo William Walker claimed that Serbian forces had massacred Albanian civilians in Račak in 1999.

Source: Tanjug, Večernje novosti

Ranta says that Walker insisted on this being entered into the pathologist’s report.

“We all know what William Walker said. He says to this day that it was a massacre and that the Serbs were to blame. But I never said that. I never made any reference to the perpetrators,“ says the pathologist.

“I never said a single word about who stood behind what went on in Račak. That’s for the judges to decide, while we forensic scientists just carry out the investigation,“ she tells daily Večernje Novosti in an exclusive interview.

Ranta claims that Walker is “putting words into my mouth“, which was not allowed. “I didn’t agree with him. He was angry with me,“ she says.

“What angered him most was that I refused to use the word massacre and say who stood behind what happened in Račak. He was terribly angry about that. He threw a pencil at me,“ Ranta recalls.

The pathologist denies the existence of any secret report that Russian journalists wrote about recently. She now claims that the bodies discovered in Račak were the bodies of Kosovo Albanians, but she does not want to say where or how they were killed.

“It’s not my place to decide that,“ she stresses.


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