Red Star hooligan sentenced to 10 years

Uroš Mišić has been found guilty of the attempted murder of a police officer and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Source: B92

Red Star fan Mišić (20) was found guilty of attempting to murder Gendarmerie officer Nebojša Trajković on December 2, 2007 at a match between Red Star and Hajduk Kula.

The accused attempted to shove a flare into the officer’s mouth during a riot that broke out at the match.

After the sentence was read out, Mišić and his mother and sister burst into tears. His friends left the court yelling at the five-member trial chamber “Shame on you, how much did they pay you for that, you bums.”

Police immediately confronted the troublemakers and checked them all for identification, before taking statements from them.

Two other Red Star supporters were sentenced to prison terms on September 5 for assaulting Trajković.

Miloš Zimonja was sentenced to one year and eight months, while Slaviša Drakul was given one year for violent behavior at a sporting event.

Investigations are also under way against Red Star Football Club Secretary General Zoran Damjanović, Stadium Director Miodrag Chorović, Stadium Security Commissioner Novica Mijušković and FŠ delegate at the match Rade Popović.

They are suspected of failure to take all the necessary precautions to ensure safety at the stadium during the match.

Under the law for preventing violence and disorderly behavior at sporting events adopted five years ago, any hooligan found guilty of disorderly conduct at a match faces a sentence of between three months and five years in prison.

Aleksandar Šoštar, deputy minister of sport and youth, told B92 that the current law was good and that it was in line with Council of Europe conventions.

"We have a very good law on paper. However, it is not being implemented as it should. It is important for the law to be implemented fully, but that is not up to the Sports Ministry. In most cases, the police do their job, arrest the suspects, but then everything is dragged out, probably because there are many such cases,” he said.

Šoštar said that cooperation between the Sports Ministry and the Interior and Justice Ministries was good, and that the role of the Sports and Youth Ministry was prevention and education.


U.S., Serbia to cooperate in Egner case

Prosecutors from the U.S. Justice Department have agreed to cooperate with War Crimes Prosecutor Vladimir Vukčević in the case against Peter Egner.

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