5th anniversary of Goraždevac murders

Today marks the 5th anniversary of the crime in Goraždevac when 2 Serb boys were murdered and 4 other children wounded.

Source: B92

On this day in 2003, a large group of Serb children from the Goraždevac enclave, close to Peć, gathered on the banks of the river Bistrica.

The enclave is surrounded by Albanians and is under 24-hour protection from KFOR. As the children swam in the river, shots rang out from the direction of the Albanian village of Zahač. 19-year old Igor Jovanović was died at the scene, while 13-year old Pantelija Dakić passed away in hospital.

11-year old Marko Bogićević and 15-year old Bogdan Bukumirović were seriuosly injured, while Dragana Srbljak and Đorđe Ugrenović suffered minor injuries.

Even though the crime was immediately condemned by the UNMIK leadership, KFOR, Kosovo officials, representatives of the EU, Russia, France and the U.S., five year have passed and the perpetrators have still not been brought to justice.

State Secretary in the Kosovo Ministry Oliver Ivanović says that this crime must never be forgotten, and that constant pressure must be exerted to get to the bottom of it.

UNMIK Police Commissioner Stefan Feller promised at the time of the murders that he would turn “every stone to find the child killers.”

Kosovo Police Service spokesman Veton Elshani said a year ago that hundreds of houses had been searched and 75 people questioned in the Goraždevac area.

In spite of this, and UNMIK’s USD 1mn reward, the perpetrators are still unknown.

Elshani says that the Kosovo police and international forces in Kosovo will continue working on solving this crime.

Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Cvetković said that the crime in Goraždevac must not be forgotten and that the perpetrators must be brought to justice.

So far it has been confirmed that the memorial service to the victims in the Holy Virgin Mary Church in Goraždevac will be attended by Ivanović.


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