B92 reveals: Arkan planned UEFA chief murder

Tonight at 10 p.m., a new series of Insider begins on TV B92.

Source: B92

Over the next six months, the investigative program will reveal the hold criminals have on Serbian sport.

Murders, kidnaps, the role of the Mafia, businessmen and politicians, and the hundreds of millions of euros that pass through football on an annual basis are far from the public eye, and have not been the subject of any serious inquiry thus far on the part of the authorities.

The last ten years have seen the murder of ten sports officials.

Many of them, prior to taking over or establishing their own football clubs, were known to the police, and had been linked to drug trafficking, smuggling, and had taken part in a series of gangland clashes during 1990s.

Since the nineties and to this very day, football remains a hotbed of money laundering.

Insider exclusively reveals that the millions earned through transfer dealings have led to match-fixing, changing room violence, abductions of footballers, and even death.

For the first time, judges, players, and sports employees will speak publicly about the methods introduced by Željko Ražnatović, aka Arkan, that are still employed today.

Under Arkan’s ownership, Obilić FC became Yugoslav league champions within the space of only 12 months.

This triumph came about as a result of match-fixing, threats to players, managers, referees, and lots of weaponry and intimidation at stadiums.

Once this method of operation had proved itself to be effective, Arkan, to Insider’s knowledge, even attempted to murder UEFA President Lennart Johansson as revenge for UEFA refusing to allow him, as a suspected war criminal, to represent Obilić, who, as domestic champions, had qualified for the first round of the Champions League qualifiers.

In an exclusive interviewer with Insider, Lennart Johansson, for the first time, publicly reveals that he knew of the assassination attempt.

“Yes, I heard about it. It wasn’t the first time. And I was concerned that it might happen. He spoke to people close to me, with my family, about what he could do, but there’s nothing you can do when someone mentally unhinged wants to kill you, and it does happen. Of course I was scared.

“Of course you’re worried, but what can you do when someone wants to kill you. I was worried and I wondered what I could actually do. There was nothing I could do to protect myself. You can’t protect yourself from someone who has those sorts of things on their mind. If it was a public threat, I can only assume that your government tried to stop it,” he told B92.

However, violence and intimidation continue to be part and parcel of Serbian football today.

To see how politicians and business managed to become embroiled with a large number of criminals, watch Insider tonight at 10 p.m.


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