Police accused of brutal beating

Four Kuršumlija police officers are investigated for alleged brutal beating of a man in the southern Serbian town.

Source: B92

Kris, a human rights network, has announced it will take over the case of Nenad Milosavljević, who claims he was recently viciously assaulted by local policemen.

The officers allegedly attempted to ID a group of young men in downtown Kuršumlija in the early morning hours. After finding out that Milosavljević had no documents, instead of taking him to the police station and determining his identity, they allegedly took him several kilometers out of town and brutally abused him.

“They took me under the arm and pushed me in the [police] vehicle. I covered my head with my hands, which they said was attacking a police officer, and that I will go to prison for that. They said they would teach me a lesson, and then started hitting me. They dragged me out of the car, one of them said that I should be handcuffed. They handcuffed me and pushed me in the mud, and then kicked me. They threw me inside the car boot and there I lost consciousness from fear and pain,” Milosavljević said.  

After receiving urgent medical treatment in the local health dispensary, Miosavljević was taken to the police station and released early the same morning.

An officer with MUP’s internal control has meantime visited Kuršumlija. A local police representative told B92 the alleged incident was under investigation.

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